Tafaal Consulting’s IT services have been enabling enterprises and SME’s world-wide to make efficient use of technology for over 15 years. The strength of our enduring approach to IT Solutions lies in balancing industry standard practices and customization. We are one among the oldest proponents of software development methodologies like AGILE, which has allowed us to deliver accurate and relevant solutions.

By leveraging the latest web technologies, we deliver tailor-made solutions for businesses across industries. Our IT solutions focus on maximizing benefits and reducing costs. The benefits derived from adopting our proven approach are innumerable - more customers, maximized profits, improved service speed and performance, reduced costs.

With our expertise in contemporary and traditional web technologies including AngularJS, Node.js, .NET and others we are able to deliver a wide range of IT solutions including Product Development, Enterprise Applications, Web based Applications, and Business Support Services.

Aside from application development we also specialize in Quality Assurance services. Our QA experts can provide you with a thorough analysis by conducting rigorous tests across multiple levels. By evaluating your current system, measuring scale, reliability, efficiency and fine tuning all interlinked components, we deliver better and faster solutions, so that you as a business can obtain the desired outcomes sooner.

About Us

Tafaal Consulting is a Global IT solutions provider that specializes in web technologies. We design applications that are scalable, cross platform, and guarantee speed and performance and enable organizations improve their software quality. We have been providing IT services worldwide for over 15 years and are veteran advocates of dynamic software methodologies like AGILE.

Our services focus on leveraging existing technology to its best capacity and creating successful business solutions. To make this happen we spend a lot of time on designing customized applications and conducting intensive quality assurance tests.

At the heart of what we do is a responsive and adaptive approach which incorporates client’s inputs and maximizes the value the end product delivers.

We have decades’ worth of experience and expertise in contemporary and traditional web technologies including "AngularJS, Node.js, .NET" and others. This allows us to deliver a wide range of IT solutions for Product Development, Enterprise Applications, Web based Applications, and Business Support Services.

We use our domain expertise to facilitate business growth by providing specialized services that develop highly efficient solutions and expand the potential of Technology.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California, Tafaal Consulting is a growing organization committed to providing IT solutions that evolve with time.

Our Practices

At Tafaal, we follow agile development methodologies in all our software engineering efforts. We have adapted our agile practices in a way that best ...


Our primary aim is to provide customers the maximum advantage of available data for managing the business effectively.

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